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Plans: Support Pact Competitive Update
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See PHI646. An install would like a global competitive leaderboard to show who has the greatest pact adventuring skill.

This runs into NDA/privacy issues to some degree and I wouldn't want to publicly expose that company X has a pact by showing their VP of Engineering's great wealth of XP by default. However, we could show a leaderboard where names are anonymous by default, and revealed if you're in a pact with the person. I think this is reasonable and doesn't disclose anything material.

It does give slightly more detailed information about Phacility, but this is the kind of information I'm generally comfortable disclosing and that would be routinely reported if we were a public company anyway.

I suspect at least some pact companies / members would be happy to be fully public (even though Phabricator's project guidance model is "tyrannical rule from an eternal iron throne" and you must brave a secret gauntlet to reach the upstream, you're still supporting open source to at least some degree), and we could add options for this eventually if there's interest.

This would mostly serve to enhance the fantasy of adventuring, but there's perhaps some material benefit to individuals since this is sort of exactly equivalent to a professional certification.

See PHI796. A powerful Level 6 Heavy Wizard would like their skills and experience to be retained after they leave a particular pact. Currently, XP is accumulated in <userPHID, pactPHID> pairs, and your level in pact A is unaware of your level in pact B.

There is a small privacy issue with making this global: if you're an employee of Secret Corp A, and they swear you to eternal secrecy about everything you did there when you leave, and then you join Normal Corp B and are already a Level 5 Citrusorcerer, that discloses some information about what you did at Secret Corp A. I suspect no one will realistically ever care about this, and if it's really an issue you can always register a new account or ask us to reset your XP.

See PHI795. When a user reports a bug and we reduce the mana cost to 0, this also reduces the XP award to 0. This creates a negative incentive. The "mana = xp" is a reasonable base rule, but they should be decoupled so that bugs can cost 0 mana and award additional XP.

See PHI1000, which suggests a sizable bounty for claiming round-numbered issues.

See PHI14, which suggests a simple user-facing priority field might be helpful.

See PHI1979. In a case where Corporation X acquired Corporation Y, an employee of Corporation X makes a compelling argument that the experience previously earned by members of Corporation Y should be distributed as spoils of war.

This probably looks like:

  • Split mana and xp on issues. Copy mana to xp by default, but let them have different values. Add a separate xp transaction.
  • Also maybe add an "epriestley marked this as a bug." transaction which is just shorthand for "mana = 0, xp = 10" today but could do something fancier eventually. The "reduced mana cost from 5 to 0" transaction doesn't read as cleanly as most of the rest of the flow.
  • Aggregate XP for users from across pacts into some central <userPHID>-only table.
  • Read that table for XP on the members list, and add a global leaderboard which shows everyone as "Adventurer" by default unless you're a co-member of a pact with them.

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A related score-board might be to show mana-rich tasks.