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Add a "Binary Versions" page to Config
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Several somewhat-common issues could be made much easier to diagnose by adding a "Binary Versions" config panel, similar to the existing "Version Information" panel.

This new panel should list this information for git, hg, svn, etc.:

  • Is it installed? If no: "not installed".
  • Path on disk.
  • Version.

e.g., something like this:

svnnot installed-

This would be useful to diagnose:

  • Various VCS version issues.
  • sudo issues where two copies of a binary like git exist on a system, and the web UI finds the wrong one.

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This could also just go on the existing page at the bottom. We tell people to copy/paste it when submitting bug reports, but it's probably fine if they're including more information, especially since there is a nice walled garden moat around my personally having to deal with it.