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Allow SES to be used for inbound mail
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Currently, the only supported options for processing inbound mail are Mailgun, SendGrid and Local MTA. We are using AWS Simple Email Service (SES) for outbound mail and I would like to also use SES for inbound mail processing as well.

There currently exists /mail/mailgun/ and /mail/sendgrid/ endpoints that Mailgun and SendGrid can POST emails to. I was wondering if the upstream would be open to accepting the contribution of a /mail/ses/ endpoint to facilitate the use of SES for inbound email? SES doesn't directly support the delivery of mail via POSTing to a HTTP endpoint, but it does allow publishing to an SNS topic (which itself can be used to POST to a HTTP/HTTPS endpoint)

If the upstream doesn't want to accept an SES integration, perhaps the upstream would instead allow for some modifications to PhabricatorMetaMTAApplication to allow third-party extensions to expose custom endpoints under a subpath, such as /mail/inbound/{mailgun,sendgrid,ses}/.

See also PHI1416.

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