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Add support for Spaces in Phriction
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Hello guys,

The root problem we have is that we use spaces on our phabricator install to manage 3rd parties and it works really well with tasks, diffusion repos ie. everywhere there is support for spaces.

Since we use Phriction to write documentation it would be good if we could share only some parts of phriction to our 3rd parties elegantly with spaces.

I was thinking of a workaround to change default view policy to "members of project" which represents all the users from our company and add other groups to those special documents but that a LOT of manual labor to setup since we have thousands of Phriction pages and it would not work if you want to expose only some deeply nested page.

I'm definitely open to hear some other workarounds if you don't plan to add Spaces support for Phriction.

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I think we should just move Phriction to being a full CMS with different top-level hierarchies, which could be space aware. Just implementing Spaces doesn't make much sense otherwise.

Yeah, we kind of fake that now by offering an index page on Phriction welcome with major projects being there on "root" level.

Keep in mind that those 3rd parties I'm referring to may need to have access to documents in multiple projects so exposing some parts of that product document tree would be helpful or maybe add support for "symlinking" the documents we want to expose to some top level project we want to give to the 3rd party.

This way we have control over what we share and we don't duplicate documents.

Dunno, I hope I made the root problem more clear.

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