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Remarkup: **bold** effect in Header section is not discernible
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This block:

== Header **with bold**

Renders like this:

pasted_file (40×188 px, 2 KB)

The **with bold** words are wrapped in a <strong>, but it's not rendered any differently from the rest of the header..

I suggest using a different color to make <strong> sections stand out:

.phui-document-view .phabricator-remarkup .remarkup-header strong {
    color: #000;

Our use case is that we write UI text in bold in our specification (done with phriction). But this isn't apparent in titles, which is too bad! This would be subtle but useful for our use case.

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What would you suggest as a fix?

In T12357#214422, @chad wrote:

What would you suggest as a fix?

I suppose I could read better.

I went with a different color, but we could also do text-shadow or a background-color... lmk if this seems bad in practice.

Thank you for your quick reaction (and sorry that I didn't reply sooner). I think a black color with a 1px black text-shadow looks better. The blue is confusing (it sort of looks like a link).
So I suggest:

.phui-document-view .phabricator-remarkup .remarkup-header strong {
  color: #000000;
  text-shadow: 0 0 1px #000000;

We tested this style (black with shadow) on our install, but the consensus is that it looks awful...
I guess a simple black text color is a little subtle, but at least it isn't confusing (like the blue color) or ugly (like the shadow).
@chad what do you think?