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Fatal error while saving global default preferences
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It seems that setting global defaults as described in T4103#178803 and T11098 is not working for my install.

I literally can only find the below-referenced function in phabricator/src/applications/settings/editor/PhabricatorUserPreferencesEditor.php, so I'm guessing this is some unfinished business from T11954/D16998.

Naively, it feels like that line should be $cache->deleteKey(PhabricatorUser::getGlobalSettingsCacheKey());, but I'm not sure that does what is intended (though I do see the changes in users' interfaces and their settings update to the new "Default" value).

Reproduction steps

Actual results


Call to undefined method PhabricatorUserPreferences::getGlobalCacheKey()


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Expected results

Setting is saved as default, without error.

Version Information

phabricator f0b695239186ed3e4f3f5124e2726e0897df829d (Fri, Dec 9)
arcanist fad85844314b151994769a461825c90f7400c145 (Oct 21 2016)
phutil 5ac2ca1214890d865bc57fab2715a322fdf02ab6 (Tue, Dec 6)