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Allow dashes in monospace font preferences
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Currently the monospaced font setting in user preferences doesn't allow dashes. This prevents valid values (such as Inconsolata-dz) and the CSS generic font-family sans-serif (admittedly a bizarre choice for monospaced font, but some prefer proportional even when the monospaced makes sense).


  • Go to Personal or Global Display Preferences
  • Enter 13px sans-serif as the Monospaced Font
  • Click Save Changes

Anticipated results:

  • Monospaced font is changed to sans-serif

Actual results:

  • Error stating Monospaced font value "13px sans-serif" is unsafe. You may only enter letters, numbers, spaces, commas, periods, forward slashes and double quotes.

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I believe this is fine; I can't immediately come up with an attack using -.

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  • Try to come up with a way that - can do something dangerous when injected into a CSS rule.
    • See D7274#47131 for a template of how to attack this.
    • If you can come up with any attacks, don't implement this.
  • Adjust the regular expression in PhabricatorMonospacedFontSetting::filterMonospacedCSSRule() to include -.
  • Adjust the error text in PhabricatorMonospacedFontSetting->validateTransactionValue() to say "..., hyphens, ..." or similar.
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