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Garbage collect and/or compress/archive harbormaster build unit messages
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This table can get extremely unwieldy if left untended, especially when you do things like report coverage data for your builds.

FWIW we're writing ~36 million rows every 30 days, which takes up ~28 gigs. I've been manually clearing the table with a script that finds the lowest id in the table and then deletes all of the results that belong to the same target. Haven't seen any detrimental effects from that yet.

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Yeah, unit messages are stored in a different table.

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eadler added a project: Restricted Project.Aug 5 2016, 4:45 PM

I'd like to sort out T9365 / T10635 (better aggregation and/or query options for unit/coverage data) first, since that likely impacts how we GC this data. Ideally, we'd leave an aggregated stub behind (e.g., pass/failure count) rather than nuking the data completely.

Although T5822 discusses different data, we should probably plan the pathway through log collection at the same time. I think this became somewhat less urgent after D15380, which added compression, but we still can't grow forever.

I'd like to leave behind a "Results were GC'd on X/Y/Z" message when we GC these so it's clear what's going on.

Putting this in the "BuildUnitMessage" table makes it hard to GC.

Putting this in the "BuildTarget" table is a bit complicated, since we must acquire a lock to modify that table. The code would likely look like: send the target a "gc yourself" message; process the GC in the daemons. This is a lot of work, a lot of effort for a GC flow, and it also isn't trivial to stop the GC from sending a given target multiple "gc yourself" messages.

I'm just going to add a new "Stub/Receipt" table with this information. This may or may not eventually become a cache for things on T9365.