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Present Pholio inline comments in a lightbox
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Jul 15 2016, 2:48 AM
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Jul 15 2016, 2:48 AM
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Jul 15 2016, 2:48 AM


Root of problem: if i have big image and someone created a comment on it, if i click, in most cases I can not get enough information from this small image window.

pasted_file (551×718 px, 63 KB)

What about increase this preview window on width and height?

Something like this:

pasted_file (703×690 px, 68 KB)

And next step: what about make correct work while clicking on images in comments history T8305. For example, also open this info window from click on image in comment.

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Did you mean to file this as a feature request?

Inline comments, like in Differential, are meant to address small areas of the underlying object. If you're highlighting large portions of an image for comment, it's probably better to leave a full comment.

Peoples now have a big monitors, and i think what increase height from 200 to 400px help all to get greater usability with Pholio module.

And, really, i would like also increase the width, but, as I see it, do what is a little bit more difficult.

If this is a feature request, we require a root problem. See Describing Root Problems for how to find the core problem. I understand you want it bigger, but I have no idea why or how you use Pholio. I have concerns arbitrarily enlarging it does not solve your core problem and that any random number chosen will again be bumped into by another install. Functionally, we don't intend Pholio to be used as your using it, that is, if you're highlighting large areas, these aren't details, they're features. Features should be discussed just as a normal comment.

What I'd want to understand about the core problem is, what was the original image, what was highlighted, and what was the conversation of the selected portion about?

Pholio isn't really on any roadmap, so updates to it are likely 1+ years away. If you can patch the code locally, you're likely better off for now.

Actually probably just going to merge this into T3612. We want to eventually allow image commenting in the "lightbox" UI. With that clicking on "inline image" would bring up a full lightbox, not just a dialog.

Many thanks for this explanations :)

In fact, we have just started to use this tool. I understand your viewpoint and, in general, i agree with him.

And also thank you very much for the link to another task, which explains how you intend to improve this component - I did not know about it.

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