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Ctrl-click symbol lookup language in Diffusion ignores `syntax.filemap`
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The ctrl-click symbol lookup in Diffusion is more limited than Differential: you get no results when ctrl-clicking symbols in C++ header files in Diffusion, as it's hardcoded to use the file's extension in the lookup query.

Steps to repro

  1. Add a {"(\\.h$)": "cpp"} rule to syntax.filemap, in an attempt to make Phabricator treat .h files as .cpp files.
  2. Index your C++ repository via ctags using the shipped Phabricator scripts
  3. Ctrl-click the same symbol in a C++ header file (.h extension) in both Diffusion and Differential.

In Diffusion, you get no results for the symbol query when browsing a C++ header file, because it's using "h", rather than "cpp" as the language. In Differential, it uses syntax.filemap to normalise the language to "cpp", and so will give you the expected results.

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