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Add repository or project to email subject
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Context: we (the KDE project) are using phabricator for many many different git repositories. The emails from Differential have a subject that only mentions "[Differential] [type of change] Dnnnn: description". A group of 70 repositories is collectively maintained on a mailing-list, where all these emails arrive.

Root issue: when I see many emails looking like "[Differential] [Request, 20 lines] D1288: Fix leaks" this doesn't tell me which project each one is about, i.e. whether I should care or not :-)

Wish: after "[Differential]" -- or even instead of it, since it's just noise IMHO -- I wish the email subject would mention the repository (or "project") that this email is about.

Related: I have seen T5244 but this is a much bigger wish ("fully configurable with template tokens") and the reply in there is "file separate tasks for separate smaller issues", hence this separate task.

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Not directly to your point, but you can remove or shorten the [Differential] token by adjusting metamta.differential.subject-prefix, if you didn't stumble across that already.

eadler added a project: Restricted Project.Jul 25 2016, 4:54 PM

I'm going to merge this into T10448, which exposes this information in an X-Header and optionally in mail bodies.

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