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Badge Awarder Info shows as a Unknown Object on the back of badges.
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When clicking on an awarded badge to see who awarded it, I should see who awarded the badge, but I don't.

Now it just shows unknown object:

pasted_file (517×322 px, 21 KB)

(taken on this install right now)

Tested on my install also:
phabricator 3f9e8e675bd94a481974c65cbf4933a6a97e907c (Mon, Apr 11)
arcanist 737f5c0df976fe2b3178aac6ab7feb3d3621d99e (Sat, Apr 9)
phutil a46f7b7e5d8073a91e89f7facc9fea62baaca7e8 (Sun, Apr 10)

additional research by @chad:

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Looks purposely set to VOID in the migration, maybe this information isn't recoverable historically.

We should probably substitute in "Unknown Ghost" then.

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This only affects badges awarded before we began tracking who awarded them. Badges is a prototype application, and I don't think it's worthwhile to maintain code to do something nicer in this case, since the number of affected awards is maybe in the realm of 200 worldwide for all time, of which 80 are on this install.

If you have some of these locally, you can update phabricator_badges.badge_award to assign a valid user as the awarder. I did this on this install:

UPDATE phabricator_badges.badges_award
  SET awarderPHID = 'PHID-USER-woj4zcrhpd2zecnz43oh'
  WHERE awarderPHID = 'PHID-VOID-00000000000000000000';

That user can be a bot user named "Mysterious Ghost" if you want to go that route.

I've updated all the badges here.