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Running "arc land" without a branch checked out sort of works but fails when trying to delete the branch
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I ran arc land --hold which put my commit ahead of the origin. Out of curosity, I ran arc land again to see whether or not that would land everything correctly. Interestingly enough, everything worked except for the final part that tries to delete the branch after pushing.

Reproduction steps:

  • On a branch that you want to land, run:
  • arc land --hold
  • arc land

The reason I ran arc land was I was interested to know whether it'd switch back to the branch I was on and clean it up correctly (because running the git push doesn't delete the branch obviously).

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hach-que triaged this task as Wishlist priority.EditedFeb 11 2016, 12:15 AM

This is a super minor issue and not blocking anyone, so I'm changing it to Wishlist priority to designate how much I don't expect upstream to spend time fixing it.

T10727 is a similar report of this issue, although motivated via arc land --hold.

This is definitely a bug and certainly something we should fix, although it's a bit entangled with higher-level arc land workflows and a proper fix isn't just a one-liner, so I probably won't get around to it until the next time I'm somewhere nearby in the codebase (although the --hold pathway makes this more reachable than the bare "I was on a detached HEAD" pathway).

A workaround is probably (?) to use --keep, but you understand this error you probably don't care anyway.

(Oh, this one was with arc land --hold originally too -- I misremembered the context.)