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fetch log crashes when using IP v6 (http), fetch fails
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Error trace:

looks like ip2long should return FALSE, and LISK gets an empty string.

(I don't have an ip6 setup to test this, but the user confirms ip6)

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avivey renamed this task from fetch log crashes when using IP v6 (http) to fetch log crashes when using IP v6 (http), fetch fails.Feb 1 2016, 8:42 PM
avivey created this task.

Not sure if lisk should interpret "false" as "null" in this case?

I'm using PHP 7.0.2 with nginx 1.8.1, and running Phabricator at HEAD:

The result of ip2long:

php > var_dump(ip2long(some_ipv6_address));

FWIW, PHP 7 is not yet supported.

Nevermind me, Google suggests IPv6 a pain in PHP

epriestley added a subscriber: epriestley.

ip2long can also return negative values (see rP30473549).

I'm going to replace this with a LONGTEXT with a nuanced and flavorful description of the remote address.

Tested with rP9d125b459ea8, and it's working properly: thanks for the quick fix!