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Consider soft-locked and mergeable EditEngine field settings
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When you Lock a field in an EditEngine form, the lock is strict. In particular, using prefilling or templating does not change the value of the locked field, so if you create a subtask using a form with some fields locked, those fields will not inherit values from the parent task.

Additionally, field values do not merge. If you set a form to add project "A" by default, and subtask a task tagged "B", you get only "B" (not "A, B") on the new subtask.

There are two alternate behaviors we could consider:

  • Soft-Locked: We could lock the control in the UI, but allow prefilling, templating, or both to change the value.
  • Mergeable: We could mark (or change the behavior of) the "Tags" and "Subscribers" fields so they combined the form defaults and any prefilled/templated values.

Original Description

after the ApplicationEditor changes, creating a subtask no longer copies the project from the super task

Event Timeline

Sorry, I had locked the project field in the edit form for that user and it wasn't pulled through.

It would be good to have a half-locked setting for some fields so they can pull from URL / template, but remain locked in the UI, just so people know they shouldn't change them.

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