Improve some setInitialValue() behavior for PhortuneMerchants


Improve some setInitialValue() behavior for PhortuneMerchants

This fixes the permissions issue with D16750, which is actually not really a permissions issue, exactly.

This is the only place anywhere that we use a tokenizer field and give it a default value which is not the same as the object value (when creating a merchant, we default it to the viewer).

In other cases (like Maniphest) we avoid this because you can edit the form to have defaults, which would collide with whatever default we provide. Some disucssion in T10222.

Since we aren't going to let you edit these forms for the forseeable future, this behavior is reasonable here though.

However, it triggered a sort-of-bug related to conflict detection for these fields (see T4768). These fields actually have two values: a hidden "initial" value, and a visible edited value.

When you submit the form, we compute your edit by comparing the edited value to the initial value, then applying adds/removes, instead of just saying "set value equal to new value". This prevents issues when two people edit at the same time and both make changes to the field.

In this case, the initial value was being set to the display value, so the field would say "Value: [(alincoln x)]" but internally have that as the intitial value, too. When you submitted, it would see "you didn't change anything", and thus not add any members.

So the viewer wouldn't actually be added as a member, then the policy check would correctly fail.

Note that there are still some policy issues here (you can remove yourself from a Merchant and lock yourself out) but they fall into the realm of stuff discussed in D16677.

Test Plan: Created a merchant account with D16750 applied.

Reviewers: chad

Reviewed By: chad

Differential Revision: https://secure.phabricator.com/D16764


epriestleyAuthored on Oct 28 2016, 8:21 PM
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D16764: Improve some setInitialValue() behavior for PhortuneMerchants
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