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Support browsing interface names in Almanac typehaead
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Problem: I want to add the interface for an Almanac Device to a Service. This recently regressed, because the "Add Binding" input for an Almanac Service fails to auto-complete interface names, so you are unable to select the proper interface object at all to use.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Add a device in Almanac
  2. Add a service in Almanac
  3. Add an interface to the device
  4. Go to the service created in 2, and click "Add Binding"
  5. Begin typing the name of the interface, created in step 3
  6. Realize all your attempts are in vain, because the search does not auto complete, so you cannot select the right interface object.

Notes: I tested this on and noticed it didn't work. It did work previously on my personal installation very recently, so I upgraded my personal installation to HEAD. I was then able to reproduce the bug on my own installation. According to git reflog, before I upgraded to HEAD (currently rPb64d67f47afc9543c004c1e8978425181f451666), I was at rPd57c1d6ce2f5d4b311b8b55dd154097262572149, so this seems to have occurred within the past ~2wks.

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I can't immediately reproduce this at HEAD but I'll poke around a little bit more.

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 9.42.50 AM.png (123×450 px, 11 KB)

At the very least, that control could/should have a "Browse" button, which would likely give us some clarity about what's going on or let you work around this.

Update: I freshly reinstalled Phabricator on Ubuntu 14.04, and couldn't reproduce this... but between the three instances there's very little in common. I'd never enabled Almanac stuff before on my other instance, and never on, but those exhibit this bug. A fresh install does not seem to, and there doesn't seem to be a stack trace.

At the very least, that control could/should have a "Browse" button, which would likely give us some clarity about what's going on or let you work around this.

I know Almanac is considered 'prototype', but is there any suggestion on debugging this further or perhaps implementing a 'browse' button? I'd do the latter myself if it's not too burdensome and the change isn't some huge thing that'd be difficult to review, since I know y'all have separate priorities for now. (Since you seem to indicate this could go upstream, I'd probably be OK with using a temporary patch until you merge it.)

We'd like to use this for, and I believe this functionality is advertised currently as "try it and see what breaks" (since it's required for landing from differential), so I'm not sure what the procedure in this case is.

From IRC, I think it sounded like this wasn't really a bug so much as a confusing UI (expecting to type one thing when the UI wants something different), exacerbated by the lack of "Browse" working. I'm just going to realign this to be "make browse work".

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