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Failed to upgrade phabricator(phabricator_xhpast Missing)
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phabricator version ba2215986639987b1e53995d3dbeaf605e78a82e

libphutil version f10d2a5325354b2a98a46e80929c81bbe07afe9d

arcanist version 2412c31346add8be2a6acf18ebf812632b678f41

log as follows

Storage is up to date. Use 'storage status' for details.
Verifying database schemata...
Found no adjustments for schemata.

Target             Error
phabricator_xhpast Missing


The schemata have errors (detailed above) which the adjustment workflow can
not fix.

If you are not developing Phabricator itself, report this issue to the

If you are developing Phabricator, these errors usually indicate that your
schema specifications do not agree with the schemata your code actually

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This is probably because the user you are connecting with does not have permission to access the database.

After D15078 + D15079 (i.e., if you update to HEAD of master), you should get a more detailed error message distinguishing between access issues and actually missing databases.

I think this explanation is fairly likely, so I'm going to assume this is resolved, but let us know if that isn't the issue or the changes don't help.

Thanks epriestly for detailing about the error and also the solution to it. Yep that was an database issue. After logging in as admin I was successfully able to update the phabricator.

I was also reading about phabricator daemons, but did not have quite clear underatanding , if you can briefly state what and why they exist ; what it helps in.... It would be nice

The first hit on Google for "phabricator daemons" should be the documentation for them:

The first paragraph in that document explains what they do.