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Flag notes should be visible in object properties
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Jan 5 2016, 10:19 AM
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When I click "Flag for later" in a Maniphest task and add a note, this note is only visible at, but not in the Maniphest task. It is also not shown when you click "Remove [Blue] Flag", but just silently deleted. As I typically use the note to remember the reason why I flagged this or that task and what I need to do with it, this makes the process more cumbersome than it needs to.

The note should be visible in the Maniphest UI, either around/"over" (as a tooltip) "Remove [Blue] Flag" on the top or perhaps directly above the comment input box.

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hach-que added a subscriber: hach-que.

This would make flags actually useful. I think the last time I used them was years ago, and I've just been adding comments to tasks whenever I need to add personal reminders.

epriestley renamed this task from Flag notes should be visible in Maniphest UI to Flag notes should be visible in object properties.Jan 6 2016, 2:54 AM
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@chad, not sure if you have design thoughts here, but I think this is broadly reasonable.

My naive approach would be to do one of these in the property list:

Flag: This task contains spicy drama!

I'd probably only show that if the flag had a note? I don't think this adds too much clutter because it's deeply opt-in (you have to add a flag, and you have to leave a note on the flag).

Alternatively we could do tooltip stuff, although that's kinda junk on mobile.

It's also maybe worth thinking about turning "Remove Flag" into some sort of flow that lets you review/edit the note, but I don't have any great ideas on that and I sort of like that it's pretty lightweight.