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When predicting object policies for project milestones, adjust objects so they behave like milestones

Authored by epriestley on Nov 19 2019, 6:29 AM.



Ref T13462. Currently, when testing milestone edit policies during creation, the project object does not behave like a milestone:

  • it doesn't have a milestone number yet, so it doesn't try to access the parent project; and
  • the parent project isn't attached yet.

Instead: attach the parent project sooner (which "should" be harmless, although it's possible this has weird side effects); and give the adjusted policy object a dummy milestone number if it doesn't have one yet. This forces it to act like a milestone when emitting policies.

Test Plan
  • Set "Projects" application default edit policy to "No One".
  • Created a milestone I had permission to create.
    • Before: failed with a policy error, because the project behaved like a non-milestone and returned "No One" as the effective edit policy.
    • After: worked properly, correctly evaluting the parent project edit policy as the effective edit policy.
  • Tried to create a milestone I did not have permission to create (no edit permission on parent project).
    • Got an appropriate edit policy error.

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