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Make implicit audits by the Owners tool use modern code

Authored by epriestley on Jan 30 2017, 8:22 PM.



Ref T10978. This updates audits triggered by Owners to use a modern transaction. Minor changes:

  • After D17264, we no longer need the "AUDIT_NOT_REQUIRED" fake-audits to record package membership. This no longer creates them.
  • This previously saved English-language, untranslatable text strings about audit details onto the audit relationship. I've removed them, per discussion in D17263.

The "Audit Reasons" here are potentially a little more useful than the Herald/Explicit-By-Owner ones were, since the rules are a little more complex, but I'd still like to see evidence that we need them.

In particular, the transaction record now says "Owners added auditors: ...", just like Differential, so the source of the auditors should be clear:

T11118 (roughly "add several Owners audit modes", despite the title at time of writing) might impact this too. Basically, this is simple and maybe good enough; if it's not quite good enough we can refine it.

Test Plan

Ran bin/repository reparse --owners <commit> saw appropriate owners audits trigger.

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