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2019 Week 43 (Late October)
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Summary of changes from September 30th, 2019 to October 28th, 2019.

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Upgrading / Compatibility

[] Login Screen Instructions: If you've configured "Login Screen Instructions" in AuthCustomize Messages, they now persist into more parts of the login flow.

For example, if you offer "Username/Password" or "LDAP" authentication methods and a user attempts to login via one but mistypes their credentials, the user is taken to a failure screen with an error message. This failure screen only shows the form they're currently using ("Password" or "LDAP"), not any other authentication methods which may exist (like "Google"). This screen now also continues to show the "Login Screen Instructions"; previously, it did not.

In most cases, this should just be an improvement which makes things more clear. In rare cases where instructions are particularly specific about expecting they appear only on the main login screen, it may make sense to revise them slightly.

For example, if your instructions currently include text like "click the Google Button below this text", the instruction may now sometimes be confusing if a user has already initiated a Password or LDAP login flow, since they may be seeing the instructions on a screen with no "Google" button.

See T13433 and D20863 for more details.


  • Added a lint check for bad "implode()" argument order, and fixed callsites it identified. This raises a warning in PHP 7.4.
  • Fixed an issue where some URIs for Portals with more than one digit in their IDs did not route correctly.
  • [] Fixed two issues with ref parsing in repositories with a very large number of commits and branches could build a command line or query which was unreasonably large.
  • [] Fixed an error message string when "" was passed a valid PHID for a non-transactional object.
  • When an object has an invalid "project" link to a non-project object, the UI no longer fatals.
  • [] The "" API method now includes the default branch and repository description. A new "metrics" attachment provides a commit count and data on a recent commit.
  • [] Improved member list behavior in projects, particularly around disabled members.

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