Freeze "maniphest.gettasktransactions" and make status/priority transactions…


Freeze "maniphest.gettasktransactions" and make status/priority transactions more consistent

Ref T13020. See PHI221.

Freeze legacy method maniphest.gettasktransactions in favor of modern method transaction.search.

Remove legacy "null on create" behavior from Maniphest status and priority transactions. This behavior is obsolete with EditEngine, and leads to inconsistent transaction sets in the transaction record.

The desired behavior is that transactions which don't do anything (e.g., default value was not changed) don't appear in the transaction log.

Test Plan:

  • Viewed API UI and saw maniphest.gettasktransactions marked as "Frozen".
  • Created a new task via web UI (without changing status/priority), queried transactions with maniphest.gettasktransacitons/transaction.search, no longer saw "null on create" no-op transactions in record.
    • Web UI is unchanged, since these transactions were hidden before and now do not exist.

Reviewers: amckinley

Reviewed By: amckinley

Maniphest Tasks: T13020

Differential Revision: https://secure.phabricator.com/D18777