Do not CC users without permissions to view an object


Do not CC users without permissions to view an object

Ref T4411
I'm not quite sure if this is the right place for this as it will be difficult to provide proper user feedback of why we removed a particular subscriber.
Is the ApplicationTransactionEditor generally the right place to extract mentioned phids in comments?
On the other hand in some cases we cannot really give user feedback why a user was not subscribed (e.g.: commits & diffs)

Adding a diff to a repo where the user mentioned has no view permissions the subscriber is currently still added. Still would have to find where this is donet...

Any other places?

Unrelated: Is there any way to remove a subscriber from a commit/audit ?

Test Plan:

  • Edited tasks with the mentioned user having view permissions to this specific task and without
  • Raised concern with a commit and commented on the audit with the user having view permissions to the repo and without
  • Added a commit to a repo with and without the mentioned user having permissions
  • Mention a user in a task & commit comment with and without permissions
  • Mentioning a user in a diff description & comments with and without permissions to the specific diff

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Maniphest Tasks: T4411

Differential Revision: https://secure.phabricator.com/D11049


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Differential Revision
D11049: Do not CC users without permissions to view an object
rP86eb7c0ec446: Settings History
T4411: Adding a CC to a Maniphest Task should give View rights for that user