Prepare owners package audit rules to become more flexible

Authored by epriestley on Feb 7 2019, 4:00 PM.


Prepare owners package audit rules to become more flexible

Ref T13244. See PHI1055. (Earlier, see D20091 and PHI1047.) Previously, we expanded the Owners package autoreview rules from "Yes/No" to several "Review (Blocking) If Non-Owner Author Not Subscribed via Package" kinds of rules. The sky didn't fall and this feature didn't turn into "Herald-in-Owners", so I'm comfortable doing something similar to the "Audit" rules.

PHI1055 is a request for a way to configure slightly different audit behavior, and expanding the options seems like a good approach to satisfy the use case.

Prepare to add more options by moving everything into a class that defines all the behavior of different states, and converting the "0/1" boolean column to a text column.

Test Plan:

  • Created several packages, some with and some without auditing.
  • Inspected database for: package state; and associated transactions.
  • Ran the migrations.
  • Inspected database to confirm that state and transactions migrated correctly.
  • Reviewed transaction logs.
  • Created and edited packages and audit state.
  • Viewed the "Package List" element in Diffusion.
  • Pulled package information with owners.search, got sensible results.
  • Edited package audit status with owners.edit.

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