Development Notes (2016 Week 7)

Workboards got fancier.

This is a companion to the 2016 Week 7 (Mid February) Changelog.

A big chunk of the work this week was user-facing and visible in the UI, and is discussed in Updates to Workboards: Dragging, Cover Photos and Points, so these notes will be fairly light this week.

I spent about three solid days writing Javascript, which made dragging workboard cards slightly better in some scenarios. I also printed a workboard on physical paper. On the bright side, I also got to use the "" icon in a menu.

I think this iteration on subprojects and milestones is largely drawing to a close from a technical perspective. Now that the core is built there are some open product questions discussed in T10349 that we likely need to do more work with, but we'd like to see feedback about how installs use (or want to use) subprojects and milestones before moving forward with most of that. There will probably be a bit more work next week and then we'll add on a few more things over time as we get a clearer picture of where the product should go.

I'm planning to finish making callsigns in Diffusion optional next (T4245), although there may be some filler work between now and then, so I doubt it will complete in this coming week.

Written by epriestley on Feb 13 2016, 12:19 AM.

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