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Sep 8 2015

Florian added a comment to T6027: Way to edit which column a task is in from the task itself.

That would make this function at least useable in some way, even if it would be a bit complicated if a task has several (5+) projects assigned (which is, what you said already, very rare).

Sep 8 2015, 4:28 AM · Restricted Project, Prioritized, Restricted Project, Mobile, Workboards, Maniphest

Dec 11 2014

Florian added a comment to T5187: Make "Upload File" dialog have a vanilla file upload control.

And unhappily this doesn't solve the problem for mobile browsers :/

Dec 11 2014, 12:30 PM · Prioritized, FreeBSD, User Delight, Remarkup, Files, Wikimedia