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Allow Blogs and Posts to be archived
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How should archiving posts work? Or is hidden/unpublished enough?

We could probably just do unpublished for now and wait until we have a stronger use case for a real "archive".

I'd imagine it would sort of just work like a super-unpublish and not show up on blogs or the default post list, but unpublish seems like it gets us 90% of the way there in all reasonable cases.

Like, I could imagine that maybe you do this:

  • Write a great post.
  • Realize the post is real dumb.
  • It's in your "Draft Posts" forever now.

But we could wait until someone actually does that and complains.

Any reason to remove the delete functionality then? Just for app consistency?

Yeah, consistency and like "attacker gets into your account and deletes all your stuff and it's gone forever and you are so very sad" and such.