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Request for test case management application
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The request is to create a test case management application in Phabricator.

Examples of such software, are:

  • TestRail
  • DevPlan
  • TestLink

Currently, I am looking elsewhere only for this part, but it would be more helpful to have test management embedded/linked with Maniphest, so tasks/bugs can be associated with a relevant test case.

Are there plans to build such an application? I have not seen it in the roadmap or starmap.


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I think we will probably build such an application eventually, but I doubt we'll build it until 2017 at the earliest (i.e., it is at least a year away).

One thing that comes up every so often is that users want mutable checklists on tasks, wiki documents, etc. Letting them instance a "Test Case" into the task or document with {...} embed syntax would be a fairly clean approach to this.

It is possible that we'll build some limited version of this for T9530 to satisfy "Wait for approval" sorts of steps. That is, I think it makes a great deal of sense for Harbormaster to have steps like "Ask a human to run test case Y", just like it might ask Jenkins to run a test case. From Harbormaster's point of view, these things do not need to be meaningfully distinguishable.

In the minimal case, the "test case" could have zero steps and just be a "yes / no" button.

So a deploy could start, automatically ask QA to test it, once they approve it Harbormaster can ask release engineering to greenlight it as deployable. They click "Yes" on a trivial test case which is just serving as a confirmation dialog (or has some basic instructions or whatever, or maybe legitimately has a preflight checklist), then Harbormaster pushes the deployment forward.

Like most other applications, this is primarily blocked on having a cool name.

I like the makeshift solutions you have proposed, until an actual app comes along. Thanks for the response.

As for names, I had a few in my head, such as Testy, Testosterone, but then the best one came to mind:

Gandalf (you shall not pass!), with an icon of the bearded wizard holding his staff, and outwardly extended arms.

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It is more than one years, so any update for this feature request?

See Planning for discussion of updates and timelines.