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Counterexample header is incorrectly colored in email
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T9592#140779 contains a counterexample, which renders correctly in the web UI bit uses yellow instead of red in the email notification:

Screenshot_20151017-214145.png (1×1 px, 214 KB)

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I think we always get that gap between the header and body in mail, too (even for non-counterexamples).

@epriestley :correct me if Im wrong, the way of fixing this is searching in the file that describe code block ?
Then i look for code in $this->getEngine()->isHTMLMailMode() blocks and try to get it right ? Seems easy for color, a little bit less for the gap.

I will be pleased to try contributing. Can @joshuaspence paste me the html of the counterexample in the mail. Sadly I was still in text email at this time.

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I think I fixed this in D15847:

int *p = 0;