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Notification message for task rename may be confusing
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This annoys me on a daily basis because I find the notification content to be somewhat confusing. When a task is renamed, the notification message reads: @josh renamed {T123} to "New Title" from "Old Title" . I think that this would be better written as @josh renamed T123 to "New Title" from "Old Title" .

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chad renamed this task from Notification message for task rename is a little confusing to Notification message for task rename may be confusing.Aug 20 2015, 9:53 PM

from X to Y seems correct to me.

oh you don't want the full string...

I don't want to pursue nits like this as a one-off. If the strings are wrong and need fixing, they should be done consistently across the whole applications. I don't want some returning one way and other returning the old way.

I think there are two separate issues here:

  • "From X to Y" vs "to Y from X".
  • "...renamed T123: Full Task Title from..." vs "...renamed T123 from...".

I think the first one is purely a matter of taste, but "from X to Y" reads more clearly to me, too.

My thinking on the second one is that the current wording is much more clear when several renames occur in sequence.

When you see them, these stories usually read like this:

epriestley renamed T123: Quack from "Woof" to "Quack".

This is redundant and seems silly, but only when it's the most recent story. All previous stories read like this:

epriestley renamed T123: Quack from "Moo" to "Woof".

For all historical stories, there are legitimately three different values, and omitting the current name may make it difficult to identify the task.

We could perhaps try to determine if the current name is the same as the target of the story rename and either render "...renamed T123: Z from X to Y" or "renamed T123 from X to Y" depending on whether Z and Y were the same. I think we always have access to the object that we need to do this check.

Yeah that's seem fair. The "changed title" use case seems different to others (such as "changed subscribers") because the {T123} includes the title anyway.

Ah that's true, I wasn't considering historical stories. But yes, "from X to Y" definitely reads better IMO.

It's also nice to have the whole current/new title linked, so maybe ideal would be:

  • (New value same as current value) epriestley renamed T123: X from "Y".
  • (New value differs from current value ) epriestley renamed T123: X from "Y" to "Z".

If you want to hunt those down I'll review 'em, but am generally in agreement with @chad here that this is the minorest of nits.

(I'm not sure if we could actually centralize these because the way to check the values would differ across objects, and there might be some translation junk.)

To summarize the above: if there are two renames, the first one loses information if we don't include the old and new name. Current behavior:

alincoln renamed X from Y to Z.
alincoln renamed X from Z to X.

If we dropped the sometimes-redundant title unconditionally, this would become:

alincoln renamed X from Y.
alincoln renamed X from Z.

The first story is then misleading. It implies the user changed the title from Y to X, but they actually changed it from Y to Z.