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Missing ability to edit attached commits in a task
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I've noticed that under "Actions" there is the "Edit Differential Revisions" that allows you to manage the attached revisions.
This helps a lot for me when the task requires a bit of cleanup.

However, I can't find something similar for git commits. This can help a lot especially if I want to reference and close with a commit that was already pushed to master without any "Fixes TXXXX" keyword. There are probably more scenarios where this would be very helpful.

Maybe "Edit Differential Revisions" can be generalized to manage both Revisions and Git commits for a task?

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It's available on the commit under "Edit Maniphest Tasks".

I've often been frustrated by this. It's possible to associate differential revisions with a task from the task itself, but not for commits.

In T9232#133173, @chad wrote:

It's available on the commit under "Edit Maniphest Tasks".

Though, it should also be available from the task itself. Attached revisions can be edited from either the revision or the task.

I wonder if @joshuaspence understands the upstream enough to know how we'd pursue a task like this. :D

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By the way, I noticed that you still can't manually close a task.
Here is an example that happened to me: I pushed a commit to my work branch, and it caused an autoclose to the ticket (my bad as autoclose was not configured correctly). My final commit was pushed to master but I could no longer trigger the "Closed this task as Resolved by commit ...". Now it's just there stuck with the old commit. Removing the commit from the task did not help.