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Phurl missing `PhabricatorPhurlCommentController` and commenting route
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Phurl users cannot comment on URLs because there is no controller to actually handle commenting, nor is the route handled in the first place. This should be built to be able to handle commenting on Phurls.

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I don't believe Phurl is meant to be usuable.

epriestley claimed this task.

I'm just going to close this and T9009 out under the "we know prototypes are super broken, wait until they unprototype before reporting bugs" rule, I think @lpriestley has a handle on it.

@ox it literally was just started a few days ago, it should be more usable in a few weeks.

Oh! I didn't notice the prototype tag all the way on the right (we have really wide monitors). That is totally fair. Apologies for wasting your time on prototype bugs.