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Support emoticons
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I will often wrote :P and be extremely disappointed when it doesn't render as an emoticon. Supporting emoticons would be sorta neat.

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also, you can just type :poop: for ๐Ÿ’ฉ

I'm still not a super fan of how different browsers render different emojis, but it seems we could at least map the basic ones like @swisspol suggests.

  ':)'   : 'smile',
  ':-)'  : 'smile',
  ':('   : 'frowning',
  ':-('  : 'frowning',
  ';)'   : 'wink',
  ';-)'  : 'wink',
  ':\'(' : 'cry',
  ':\'-(': 'cry',
  ':-\'(': 'cry',
  ':p'   : 'stuck_out_tongue',
  ':P'   : 'stuck_out_tongue',
  ':-P'  : 'stuck_out_tongue',
  ':O'   : 'open_mouth',
  ':-O'  : 'open_mouth',
  ':D'   : 'smiley',
  ':-D'  : 'smiley',
  ':|'   : 'expressionless',
  ':-|'  : 'expressionless',
  ':/'   : 'confused',  
  ";P"   : 'stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye',
  ";-P"  : 'stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye',
  ":$"   : 'blush',
  ":-$"  : 'blush'
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We now support emoji; we might support stickers at some point. If we did, I'd expect them to use the autocomplete element (which I think is in a relatively good place for emoji), not actually be invoked with :P, ^-^, etc.