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Allow comments in JSON
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There are a lot of json variations and I don't think it would be worthwhile to duplicate them all. But as a practical manner for lint, comments are pretty common in config files. It would be nice if ArcanistJSONLinter had an option to allow them.

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This has come up for discussion before, although I can't remember when/where. Generally, I'm onboard with it.

Seems weird, primarily due to lack of standardization. Would // and # both work? Or only one of them? The decision winds up being kind of arbitrary.

Some crazier options could even include /* */, ;, --, etc.

I think there's a point at which your parsing JavaScript instead of JSON...

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I might take a stab at this.

@joshuaspence Did your stab draw blood?

I want to work on this eventually but I haven't had the time.

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Minor tangential discussion in T5297, too.

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