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No Typeahead on Herald object rule creation
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During the Herald object rule creation workflow, there is no typeahead for the object selection text box (this is box that allows you to pick a project or repo to be linked to the rule).

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I think we wrote this before typeaheads were modularized (T4420) so it wasn't easy to add a composite datasource at the time.

This is relatively easy nowadays.

Although tokenizer/typeahead stuff is churning a bit in connection with T4100 right now so this should probably wait for that to settle down.

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I don't think this is resolved, just an unclear report. To access this screen:

  • Herald โ†’ Create Herald Rule โ†’ Commit Hook: Branches/Tags/Bookmarks
  • Select Object on the next screen and submit.
  • Now, you get a plain text field labeled "Object", not, e.g., a "projects and repositories" tokenizer:

This reproduces for me at current HEAD of master.

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oh thanks!

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