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Implement online/idle/away infrastructure
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Implement infrastructure so parts of the application can ask if a list of users are online, idle, or away.

T6868#98450 has some discussion. It's not yet clear whether we should store this in Aphlict or the database.

  • We can store the information in the database, and have the JX.Leader make an Ajax request every few minutes.
  • We can store the information on the Aphlict server, and update it when Websockets connect and disconnect.

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There's no clear way forward here.

  • I'm not sure how valuable T6868 is, but I don't think it's especially valuable, and would probably be fine as a v3 or v4 feature.
  • I think T7004 is very low-value, and possibly more trouble than it's worth.

I basically plan to hold this indefinitely until:

  • I come up with a clear technical direction; or
  • another, more compelling use case emerges; or
  • we get more internal momentum behind T6868.
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