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Make it easier to update the ApplicationSearch saved query used by a dashboard panel
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Would be great to be able to edit custom queries once they are made. If you're using features like dashboard, you basically have to create a custom query, a custom panel, etc. and wire them all together. If something changes in the query, you have to create a new query and then re-wire it through.

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Hmmm, not sure there is any path here, I seem to recall we can't allow editing of saved search queries without generating a new key? And if we generate a new key, we'd have to find all the Dashboards it's attached to?

We could conceivably do something like "edit this query" link from the panel, and have that take you to /application/query/wzyx/?panelPHID=asdf, and that generates a "save this query back to panel X" option in the UI.

That is, there's no way to make a specific query key like 98f93f82asdbm mean something different, but we can let you edit the "Query" field by modifying the query.

isfs added a comment.Mar 21 2017, 5:27 AM

IMHO, that's more likely what you want in most use cases anyway. I can imagine
quite a bit of confusion arising if you modify a query for a dashboard and it
unexpectedly modifies what shows up elsewhere.

Likewise, with named searches, I not too infrequently want to modify one, and a
shortcut for my current workflow of save with the same name, delete the old one,
move the new one to the same position in the list where the old one used to be,
would be welcome.

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See also downstream.

This task title has gone back and forth a couple of times. There are a couple of interpretations:

"Make it possible to edit an actual query", e.g. edit what /query/13nlfn1m/ does. These are immutable by design and I don't expect to ever let you point /13nlfn1m/ at a query other than the query it actually hashes to. But I don't think this is actually the problem anyone is running into or that anyone cares about this -- no one is getting a tattoo of /query/13nlfn1m/ and expecting it to always show their favorite tasks or whatever. If you want to get a tattoo, use Phurl so you can update the link!

"Make it easier to change the query a dashboard panel uses" -- this is reasonable, and something we'll implement, but not really part of ApplicationSearch.