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Provide tooling to for periodic reminders (like renewing domains and update SSL certificates)
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Feb 3 2015, 2:36 PM
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Maybe best to just do this through Calendar, but it might be nice to integrate reminders more tightly for ops-specific periodic events, notably SSL / domain names.

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We run basically all our company todos in Phabricator. Example user scenarios that I'd like to see covered with this feature:

  • Update SSL certificate every year
  • Update the Apple iOS developer license every year
  • Update the financials every week
  • Update the address list monthly
  • Process tax sheet every quarter

Tasks are assigned automatically with a given priority.

@epriestley @jdiepenmaat If I may add ideas on that. I am using Things at the moment. There are only two reasons that hold me back to finally and completely switch to Phabricator:

  • recurring tasks
  • start dates for tasks

The latter is basically what your example is about, right? Because if I have just renewed the SSL certificate then a new task is created (due date being in one year), but it should not possible to start that right away, as it's not necessary. You would use a start date as well, wouldn't you?