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Support %P in qsprintf()
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  • In the Phacility deployment workflow, we have a couple of cases where we GRANT with a password. It would be cleaner to use %P to keep this out of --trace, but qsprintf() does not currently support %P.
  • Supporting %P requires returning an object from qsprintf().
    • In both the qsprintf() and csprintf() cases, we could implement more phutil_tag()-like semantics and make these objects respond to conversion with %s correctly (without escaping). This would let us dramatically reduce the amount of %Q and %C we use, which is highly desirable.
    • However, we do a lot of manual string mangling with qsprintf() in Query classes right now, e.g. implode(') OR (', $clauses). This won't work if we make the semantics safer.
    • Fix is probably something similar to phutil_implode_html(), maybe qsprintf_join($conn_r, $pattern, $query_parts, $between) or something:
qsprintf_join($conn_r, '(%s)', $clauses, ') OR (');

Maybe cleaner as:

qsprintf_join(conn, clauses, before, between, after);
qsprintf_join($conn_r, $clauses, '(', ') OR (', ')');

Or maybe that's overthinking it, this seems OK:

$clauses = qsprintf_implode($conn_r, $clauses, ') OR (');
$clauses = qsprintf($conn_r, '(%s)', $clauses);

In 95% of cases, we should be able to bury that in a buildJoinClause() or buildWhereClause() call anyway, so the simpler method is probably cleaner.

So overall approach is probably:

  • Implement qsprintf_implode() with current semantics.
  • Go through Phabricator and convert all manual mangling of queries to use qsprintf() or qsprintf_implode(). Most of this can be accomplished by lifting clauses construction into the base query class, probably.
  • Change qsprintf() semantics so it returns an object.
  • Allow %s (or maybe a new conversion, since %s has some level of existing semantics -- but the important part is that this would be a safe conversion, not %Q) to convert this object without double-escaping.
  • Convert as many %Q to %s (or the new conversion) as possible.
  • Implement %P for queries.

Beyond giving us %P, this would significantly improve our resistance to SQL injection (by reducing manual query manipulation to near-zero and making it very difficult to get wrong).

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