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Logging when a task has been marked as a blocker
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As a user, I want to see when a task is being marked/unmarked as blocking another task, and receive the corresponding notification if I'm subscribed.

Currently only the blocked task logs the action and notifies.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. create ticket T1
  2. create T2
  3. open the page for T1, click "edit blocking tags"
  4. add T2 as blocker

Expected results: there will be a record on the T1 page telling who and when added the blocker, and a similar record on the T2 page for the dependency.

Actual results:

  • T1 logs "(someone) added a blocking task: T2:...". A notification is created
  • However, T2 doesn't log anything and its subscribers will miss the event.

The same happens when removing blocking tasks.

Original report:

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Not sure if this is related, but when adding T2 via the "Create subtask" link, not even T1 will show any notification. (example)

The original report seems to have been fixed at some point. See for instance T6502#110377 (which triggered an email notification as well). Resolved?

@tgr comment above seems to stand true still today, but that looks like a separate task.

epriestley added a subscriber: epriestley.

"Create Subtask" is a shortcut for "Create Task, then add it as a blocker for this one".

  • D14849 should fix messaging around "Create Subtask".
  • I'm likewise unable to reproduce the original issue at HEAD, so I suspect it may have been fixed elsewhere. If anyone has repro steps that work at HEAD, let us know.

(The fix isn't retroactive, but should apply to newly created subtasks.)