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Add linter and unit test engine for Go(lang)
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Currently for Go(lang) there's a test result parser in GoTestResultParser.php. It'll be good to extend unit test engine to support the following:

  • coverage report

Also following are popular golang linters to have:

  • gofmt
  • golint
  • go vet

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Hi @chad, we're working on a a project using golang and phabricator. I can submit a diff to for those functionalities. Please let me know if it sounds good to you.

What exactly are you looking for? There is an existing golang linter which wraps go lint.

Oh I didn't notice there's an existing ArcanistGoLintLinter. Thanks for pointing out. This is what I think missing:

  • A linter that wraps go vet
  • A linter that warps gofmt
  • Add coverage support in ArcanistGoTestResultParser

Not sure where this is going but I believe it's still on hold. I've release that I'm using personally and also at work. @joshuaspence and @chad please let me know when the Phabricator team is ready to accept these patches and I'll update all of my differentials.

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