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Allow creating/adding images to mocks with a vanilla upload control
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The standard approach for this is to use , but there doesn't seem to be a way to directly create a mock from an F-number image.

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My plan is to put an on-hover (always available on mobile) edit icon on top of the thumbs on the edit UI, similar to how the interaction works on workboard cards:

|           [ E ] |
|                 |

This will trigger a dialog flow similar to the new remarkup "Upload File" interaction from T5187, although the user will only be able to select one file.

I'll probably make the "add new image" drop target more of a persistent/clickable element. The user will be able to select multiple files on this flow.

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This should also fix the mobile workflow stragglers from T2644.

After D16088:

  • You can click the "new image" area to add new images, instead of dragging and dropping images into it.
  • You can click any thumbnail to update it, instead of dragging and dropping a replacement.
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I believe this is now fixed and all the business stuff is wrapped up on our side. If anyone runs into issues, feel free to file a followup describing what you're hitting.

(See T6523#179695 above for specific instructions on using the new stuff.)