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Offer "Do not notify me of changes when the task's subscribers change unless I am reporter of the task" setting
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Forwarding from offers a setting for
"A task's subscribers change."

Request is to offer a setting that allows "Do not notify me of changes when the task's subscribers change unless I am reporter of the task", as Bugzilla offers this functionality.

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This sounds very specialized.

You can set "A task's subscribers change" to only notify on site or ignore it completely. I'd consider these events to be so low-value that ignoring them is probably reasonable.

Why would an author be interested in the cc list changes, when no comment or other change was made? What's the use-case?

A less specialized tool might be a "super-subscribe" feature - "email me about anything that happens to this task, ignore all my other settings"; I think it can be done today using Herald ("author is me" and "send email").

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We're not likely to implement this specific of an option. There will likely someday be an uber-settings page of every notification offered in Phabricator that will let you set email/onsite/never, etc individually for each type - and we'd prefer to solve this issue in a more general/scalable way.

I don't think we're tracking that feature request, so I started a new task and merged this over.

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(Self-reminder of the downstream report: .)