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Allow designation of "summary" build logs which are sorted to the top or otherwise promoted
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At the moment when we're building a diff, there's a multitude of ways that it can fail, in particular:

  • Merge conflicts
  • Build failure
  • Unit test failure

It'd be preferable to expose this reason on the "Harbormaster failed to build <buildable>" transaction so that users know why the build failure occurred (without having to scan through logs).

I think this is dependent on supporting "Failure Steps" in build plans; that is, steps to run when a build fails. Then we have some sort of "Scan Log and Set Reason" build step that searches logs for a particular regex and sets the build failure reason if it matches.

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I don't think this is meaningfully distinguishable from logs. There's no reason a target can't fail for multiple reasons, there may be other non-failure data targets wish to log, this data essentially has to be text which we can't understand or do anything special with and I don't think it makes sense for us to do anything about it anyway.

I think this is basically T9124, plus maybe some options for sorting this log to the top or demarcating it in a special way.

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Not exactly related, but we also have a fair number of multipart logs:

  • HTTP requests produce a Body, Head and should produce a status code (although maybe I'll just shove that onto the Head log).
  • Execution produces stdout/stderr and return code.

Maybe tackling this through some sort of log grouping is part of a solution here.

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