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Improve typeahead behavior around exact matches
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@zeeg reports that on an install with more than 5 projects matching "Security", including an exact match for "Security", typeaheads can fill up with other matches and not allow selection of "Security".

We should sort shorter/exact matches first, so a result is always selectable by typing its name exactly.

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Wikimedia upgraded yesterday, and while typing "Wikidata" seems to bring "Wikidata" among the top five suggestions, it is not the top result, which makes us think that we can still run into scenarios like the one described here.


When I type "Wikidata" on your install its the top result:

Screenshot_2014-12-11_09.51.06.png (687×1 px, 182 KB)

I can reproduce it on the WMF install in tokenizers:

Screen_Shot_2014-12-11_at_10.07.09_AM.png (318×934 px, 32 KB)

Oh, I thought this was about the global search. The existing patch only covers the global search in the upper right.

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