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Files not attaching correctly to Phriction pages
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From T6013:

@g-p-g: This is now unrelated to the bug as described, but for Phriction this doesn't seem to work so well. Adding images to a wiki page doesn't create an "Attached" tab and the file is restricted to the user that uploaded the file (you need to manually change the file's visibility). Is this known/expected?

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Ideally, we'd fix this by generally modernizing Phriction (beginning with T4029) to pick up this support for free.

Is there a short term solution? Writing documentation with images becomes very tedious if you have to fix the upload permissions on each file, and it's non immediately apparent if you made a mistake and one of the images is viewable only to you.

Not really. If you upload the images by dropping them onto the home page (instead of to the Phriction document) they'll get more open permissions, and then you can manually type {Fnnnn}. Still a lot of work, but maybe a little less bad than fixing the permissions.

Macro sadpanda:

Hmm. Our install is locked down anyways, you can only access it from our network, etc. I don't really care if dropped files are visible to everyone until this is resolved. If I removed these lines, do you foresee any universe destroying consequences?

You can replace them with $view_policy = PhabricatorPolicies::getMostOpenPolicy(); safely. That will be "all users" or "public", depending on configuration.