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arc patch with dependent diffs is strange
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We use jenkins for our build runs and jenkins usually does a arc patch --nobranch <diff_id> to get the changes and to run the tests.

However with dependent diffs, say D2 depending on D1, running arc patch --nobranch D2 tries to first patch D1 as expected. However the workflow to patch DA1 seems to be not authenticated with conduit and fails to get the commit message.;9fc8a2f61b197ca2de8297ece559513683001922$800 It then opens up an interactive editor and Jenkins fails.

If I comment out the authentication check and bypass it, then the commit message for D1 is found and it is applied successfully. However it gets applied on arcpatch-D1 and then applying D2 causes arc to prompt
This diff is against commit <D1_hash>, but the commit is nowhere in the working copy. Try to apply it against the current working copy state? <HEAD_hash> [Y/n]

On saying yes, you end up with two commits on HEAD with no extra branches lying around. However, I feel like some of this workflow needs to be cleaned up to avoid these unnecessary prompts and make arc patch more friendly with dependent diffs.

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Another problem I notices recently, say you have D2 depending on D1, and D1 gets reviewed and landed into HEAD.
arc patch D2 still tries to cherry-pick D1 and then fails since you are now trying to cherry pick an empty commit.

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@vm: I've opened a separate bug for the "already-landed dependency" case: T8419.

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