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Add option for "show only assigned" tasks in search
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It would be great to have another checkbox here for "show only assigned tasks" to get a clearer picture of who's on what.

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Can you "Group by: owner" and then ignore the "unassigned" group? That seems like it might do a better job of giving you an idea of who is on what.

That's what we are doing now, and it sucks because the Unassigned group comes first and is very large, which pushes some of the assignees off to later pages, which hurts the overall visibility.

Hmm, how about if we made "unassigned" sort last?

After T4100, it should also be possible to type "Assigned To: [members of project X]" as a shorthand for enumerating all the project members, which could be another attack on this.

I think this would be useful for me from a project manager's role to have a clean saved query to show only assigned/unassigned tasks.

I would like to work on this. I can add a new field to the query called "Assigned Status" with 3 options:

  1. Doesn't Matter
  2. Assigned
  3. Unassigned
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