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Offer read-only copy of a externally hosted repository via Diffusion clone url (https/ssh)
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Being able to import a externally hosted repository on Diffusion has helped our team keep track of development of projects they are not directly involved in. We are a young team. We review each other's code and learn good practices from each other, offer suggestions.

For repositories imported on Diffusion, we would like to be able to offer read only via a diffusion clone url. Guys not involved directly in a project mostly don't have even read access to the private repos hosted externally, say github.

If we could allow them to clone the repo from Diffusion instead, they could clone and set the project up locally.

Currently diffusion shows the external clone url (github) for such repositories.

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Okay, so the use case is basically that it's easier to manage access control to Phabricator than to individually give readers access to GitHub? That makes sense to me.

This shouldn't be too difficult technically, but it probably won't happen until the next round of cleanup in this area of the code. There are a few similar tasks in queue, though, so that might not be too far away.

Yes, that's what I wanted to state, missed it completely.

Its inconvenient to manage access on Github for individual readers, having a mirror on Phab makes it lot easy.

We will wait while this feature gets added to Diffusion, thanks for your time.

I believe this works currently, it's just not surfaced in the UI.

Yeah this does already work (I've used it before). The HTTPS URL is just the same URL as the Diffusion page, even when the repository is hosted externally (SSH also works).

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@chad Was that just testing something, or a vote for this as a substantial problem?

Oh, never mind, I figured it out. :3

sorry i might have let the interns play with the board for marketing purposes

I'm going to merge this into T10366. This will be supported once we cut over to the new code there, likely in the next week.